Monday, March 31, 2008

just a few of my favourite things

Well I thought I might share here some of my favourite things and finds. I love finding cute and quirky things that are a little different and can spend hours on the internet just seeing what is out there.

I am particularly in love with the very talented Miriam Bereson. I love her work and recently bought the alphabet freize for Master Cs room. I am still undecided on exactly how I will sturcture it but for the meantime I have put it up whilst I contemplate it.

The yearly planner is also a major godsend and helps keep this crazy family organised ( well sort of!)

I am also a big fan of Jan Pienkowski ( of Meg and Mog fame) and have an original fabric print up on another wall in Master c's room. I got it from a fab shop in Bronte Sydney ( whose name escapes me right now) I so wish I could have bought some of the other prints they had but sadly there are not enough walls in our house!!!
On a more personal level I have spent the weekend staring a collection of cards with the Stampendous Feather Flourishes set. Have complerted a Baby Boy and Baby Girl card and a twin card. Will also look to make an "expecting" card a Christening Card and a Baby Shower card as part of the set too. Will put them up when they are all finished.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

keen as mustard

Alrighty! Pop the champagne corks!! I have managed 2 posts to this blog in 2 days!! Have deciuded to add a few more pics on some of my more recent creations

First here is a card I created originally for a class in my LSS. I wanted to show how you could use conventional products in original ways

The second card is a personal favourite of mine. I love the extra little surprise it has. I must confess that it wasn't an entirely original idea but something I saw in a random magazine a year or so back. I am keen to try an dmake a few more variations on this theme. I have used the Stampendous Happy Everything Stamp set which I love for being cheery and flexible to use.
And finaly a Scrapbook layout. I finally got round to doing a LO on Master L's first bath.
Never mind that he is now a boisterous 3.5 year old! Am certianly going through a minimalist phase at the moment. Which is probably a good thing as I have so much scrapbooking to catch up on!!!
TNT Figs

better late than never

well this blogging thing is going exactly as I expected...slowly! I guess that is what you get when you are mum to three kids with a husband away all the time. It is Easter already and I haven't put anything up here since before Master C's birthday. I am now resolved to try and make this a bit more solid and sorted and will start by just putting up some pics of the party and cake. Will try and find time to upload tomorrow some pictures of some recent card and scrapbook creations. In the meantime there is plenty of chocolate to eat to help me get the creative juices flowing again