Thursday, March 22, 2012

doors opening and closing and all that

well today is my last day as the owner of Stamp and Scrapbook Madness. It really is a happy/sad kind of day as I will really miss the store - particularly the customers as I feel like I know many of them better than I know my friends. It has been a wonderful but exhausting experience and I am not quite sure how it will feel tomorrow when Iwake up and it isn't my "baby" anymore!!
But at the same time it is a huge relief as it means that we can move on with the next adventure in life... and I am sure the kids will be pleased to actually see me a little more often!!!

I also plan to spend a little more time here blogging - particularly keeping an eye on what is new , brilliant ( and not so brilliant) in the crafty world!!!

But really today all I want to do is thank everyone for supporting me and the store and allowing me to be a partner in their creative journey - Happy Crafting!