Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alrighty now.... little miss Johnny come lately here has finally decided to get with the times and start a blog. How on earth I think I am going to have time for this I don't know. With three kidlets 3 and under and a DH who is away most Mondays to Fridays I think I am setting myself up for a fall....but seeing as I don't really expect anyone else to read this...what does it matter. But for the purposes of anyone who does hapen to stumble upon this I guess I had better to the introductions. My name is Figs short for Figgalilly which is a nickname I was given several years ago that seems to have stuck as my online persona. I am kept cheifly busy these days as a somewhat stressed and frazzled mother to Master L, Master C and our newest member Miss H - who isn't quite 2 months. When i am not chasing around after the kids and grumbling unmentionables about my absent DH i try to scrapbook and make cards. I have a part-time gig teaching card and scrapbook classes at my LSS as well as my more "credible" job co-ordinating debating at a local girl's high school. Well as I currently have Miss H on my lap protesting about the lack of attention I think I will leave it there. TNT Figs

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